Though trained as an Electronics Engineer in India, Uday chose to become a Gemologist when he came to USA after completing the training from the Gemology Institute of America.

On completion of the Gemology Course he decided to open a wholesale business in Gems and Jewelry in Midtown Manhattan.

Uday is a self taught Vedic Astrologer who studied Astrology along side with his college studies. He was also forced to study Ayurveda in a effort to help his mother get natural alternative treatment for her Myasthenia Gravis condition.

 During the early years in life Uday had a very vivid spiritual experience which led him to the spiritual and devotional path. He could not figure the meaning or the depth of the experience at that time but he later found that the spiritual experience that he had was what was known as a glimpse of your real self, realizing that this world .

Uday married Vasudha who happened to be a Doctor of Ayurveda, it was a match made in heaven.  He encouraged Vasudha to offer her expertise in Ayurveda to people in USA. He offered to share his Gems and Jewelry office conveniently located in Midtown Diamond District.

Vasudha’s practice of Ayurveda matched with his core belief system of service, giving back and the betterment of the community. He always struggled with the superficiality and the greed in the Gemstone business.

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