Hammered Copper Water Pitcher Jug Tumbler for Copper Charged Water Energy by American Ayurveda



    Hammered Copper Water Pitcher 2.2 Quart Capacity With Welded handle and Lid.

    The Copper pitcher and Lid are made of solid Pure Copper with a capacity of holding approximately 2.25 Liters 76 Fl. Oz of liquid.

    It weighs approximately 1 lb 10 Oz with the lid and has a sturdy Copper handle is WELDED to the body of the pitcher. It measures approximately 8 inches high without lid and has a diameter of approximately 4.75 inches. A brass handle is screwed on the copper lid which adds to the looks of the pitcher.

    Since the handle of the pitcher is spot welded from outside leaving the inside intact in one piece, making cleaning and using very convenient.

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