Herbal Pain Relief Tablets by American Ayurveda


Pain Relief Tablets

90 Count

These tablets are specially formulated for pain relief using herbal formula.
These tablets do not contain any preservative, artificial additives, colors or any other chemical additives.

Take 2 tablets as need for pain relief maximum up to 10 tablets per day.

For Speedy relief crush 2 tablets, mix it with water and drink it.

Always keep one bottle handy for emergency use.

These being herbal tablets, please be aware it takes time for the tablets to bring relief.


♥ This is a proprietary formulation developed by Vaidya Vasudha Gupta. She is a Qualified Ayurveda Physician specializing in Clinical Ayurveda. In her practice in NYC she routinely helps people with serious health issues with her knowledge of making unique herbal formulations as per the body type & imbalance she find in her pulse analysis. She loves children & finds great satisfaction in helping couples get pregnant using natural herbs & dietary changes

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