Real Cool Tea to help with Acid Reflux


    Real Cool Tea

    This is a very simple and effective formulation for pacifying the common problem of acid re-flux.

    Ingredients: Glycyrrhiza glabra, Elettaria cardamomum

    Instructions: Add ¼ Teaspoon of tea in ½ cup boiling water. Let the tea steep till the water becomes warm. Sip like a tea when the water becomes luke warm.

    Package: 2 Oz

    This formulation handmade by using only natural ingredients and is free from soy, gluten, added sugar, artificial color, artificial flavor, preservatives or any other chemical additives.

    ♥ This is a proprietary formulation developed by Vaidya Vasudha Gupta. She is a Qualified Ayurveda Physician specializing in Clinical Ayurveda. In her practice in NYC she routinely helps people with serious health issues with her knowledge of making unique herbal formulations as per the body type & imbalance she find in her pulse analysis. She loves children & finds great satisfaction in helping couples get pregnant using natural herbs & dietary changes

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