Do you own a Yoga Studio? or Do you practice as a Chiropractor? Are you a Massage Therapist, Naturopath or an Herbalist?

Do you wish to have a passive income from your business without putting in much work?

Then consider reselling American Ayurveda products. With an investment of as little as $500 you can set up a Wholesale account with us and offer our products to your customers.

Why American Ayurveda?

We have been in business for over 13 years and have developed high integrity and highly effective herbal products that has been tested and used by our own clients. Our products are free from preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, binders, fillers or any other chemical additives. We have a large following of satisfied customers who are happy with our products and use them regularly.

Apart from herbal products we also carry Copper Products like Copper Water Bottles, Copper Cups, Copper Tongue Cleaners, Copper Water Dispenser etc. that helps adopt a holistic lifestyle to achieve optimum health.

We also have a large selection in Orgones and Holistic Jewelry which are used in Reiki to improve your health using the Prana the Universal Energy. Reiki and other Energy practitioners vouch the effectiveness of our jewelry and the Orgones.

Most of our products does not require selling. Just displaying posters with information about our products prompts customers to buy the products without much persuasion. Once the customer buys the products they keep coming back for more as they find value in quality and its effect on their health and overall lifestyle.

With discounts up to 50% you can have a healthy stream of passive income from your existing client base. Application is Free and Easy. Apply for a wholesale account NOW.

Not ready to invest or stock the products? Consider becoming an affiliate. Fill up the the wholesale application and let us know you want to become an affiliate. We will setup an affiliate account and email you a unique code. You can start recommending our products sharing the unique code with your customers. Once the customer makes a purchase using the code they receive free shipping on their order and the sale will be credited to your account. At the end of the period a check for your referral earnings will be mailed out. You may use your referral earnings towards the purchase of our products.

Please fill the Online Application below to setup a Wholesale account.

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