Pure Copper Bangle Bracelet Joint Less Effective Astrological Remedy Weak/Fallen Sun/Surya Men Women Arthritis Joint Pain Carpal Tunnel No Magnets Sikh Sardar Punjabi Kada Rugged Golf


    • OFFERED IN 7 SIZES IN INCREMENTS OF 0.25 INCHES. 1.75”, 2”, 2.25”, 2.5”, 2.75”, 3” and 3.25”. Most accurate way to find your bracelet size is to measure the inner diameter of a bangle that fits you. Measuring the distance between the “Mountains” of 1st & last knuckle in inches will give you approx. estimate of the inner diameter that you should order. Taking this measurement as base estimate the size that might be best fit.
    • PURE COPPER BRACELET FOR MEN WOMEN for Arthritis, Joint Pain, Carpal Tunnel, RSI Etc. Jointless, Rugged, trendy construction to last a LifeTime. These bracelets are made from PURE SOLID COPPER & not coated with any other material. Modern in design with trendy looks suitable for any occasion. GOLF PLAYERS Love the stylish look. A Great Gift Idea for Men Women and Golf Players.
    • THESE BRACELETS were developed on the request of a very well known Vedic Astrologer as a simple but very EFFECTIVE REMEDY for fallen or weak SUN in the native’s VEDIC ASTROLOGY. SUN indicates the Soul, Father, Government, King, Political Power and Leadership qualities. A weak or fallen SUN gives rise to diseases such as weak eyesight heart trouble weak bones etc Copper is ruled by SUN. Wearing this bracelet on your right hand preferably on Sunday helps reduce ill effects of a weak or fallen SUN
    • BUILT RUGGED WITH HEAVY GAUGE COPPER. Modern in design with trendy looks suitable for any occasion. Sturdy last you for a lifetime. Traditionally known for its beneficial effect on Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, RSI, Joint Pain and other health Issues.
    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. This bracelet does not contain any magnet therefore does not interfere with Pacemakers OR any other medical device or implants. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. LOVE your bracelet or we will be happy to refund your full purchase price back no questions asked.
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