Solid Copper Wire Ankle Bracelet for Arthritis Pain for Men and Women by American Ayurveda


    This is a simple Ankle Bracelet made from Solid Wire made of Pure Copper for those who cannot or choose not to wear the bracelet on their wrists.

    This bracelet does not have any magnets therefore it is safe for anyone with pacemakers or any other devices in their bodies.

    Wearing copper bracelet is known to help with Arthritis Joint Pain and inflammation.

    Use it as a personal protection device against germs.

    The bracelet is open ended so that you can slightly open and put it around your ankle.

    These Ankle bracelets come in standard 3 inch internal diameter. The bracelet can be adjusted to the required size by either leaving it open for larger sizes or overlapping the ends to make it smaller.



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    in the USA for all products

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